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Holbien Watercolor Set, 108 colors, 5ml tubes

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Every great watercolor has its particular personality, and in our view, Holbein's best features are its unparalleled high-chroma colors and its transparency. One glance at Holbein's color chart reveals that these colors are all about intensity and light, with numerous botanical pinks, stormy deep blues, and fewer neutrals than you'd expect.

Because the pigments are so intense and finely milled, Holbein outperforms other watercolor in thin, transparent applications. Every Holbein watercolor dilutes smoothly to create a wide range of values, from ultra-dark to subtle and light. Its bright pigments and advanced formula allow you to color more water, more evenly, with a very small amount of paint.

In general, Holbein colors are less granulating and more uniform in texture and flow than the classic European watercolors on which they were based in Holbein's early days. They are also generally brighter. Even in Holbein's range of earth pigments, you'll find surprisingly bright colors, particularly in the intense gold and red undertones.

This gigantic set of 5 mL Holbein watercolor tubes contains all 108 colors in the Holbein range. You will want to clear some serious table space for this set, because it basically needs its own zip code. Every single gorgeous pigment, from darkest darks to brightest brights, plus metallic and fluorescent colors, cutting-edge modern pigments, ancient earth colors, and pretty much every shade you could dream of.

Please note that this set is still offered in the older Holbein packaging, with charmingly retro typography and white tubes instead of the current metallic silver tubes. The paint inside is the same.

Made in Japan.

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