Jillian Marie Browning

August 10 - Jillian Marie Browning - Intro to Cyanotype

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Intro to Cyanotype with Jillian Marie Browning

Saturday, August 10, 2024
10 AM - 4 PM
$125, includes lunch

Artist Jillian Marie Browning will lead a hands-on introduction to cyanotype printing, a beautiful and accessible photographic process dating back to the 19th century. In this beginner-friendly workshop, participants will learn the basics of cyanotype printing, from preparing the chemicals to exposing and developing their own unique prints on fabric and paper.

During the workshop, participants will:
1. Learn the History: Discover the fascinating history of cyanotype photography and its significance in the world of art and science.
2. Prepare the Chemicals: Gain hands-on experience in mixing the cyanotype chemicals, understanding their properties, and ensuring safe handling practices.
3. Coat the Paper: Explore the technique of coating paper or fabric with the cyanotype solution, achieving an even and consistent application for optimal results.
4. Create Your Composition: Experiment with various methods to create your composition, whether it's using found objects, stencils, or even digital negatives.
5. Expose Your Print: Experience the magic of sunlight exposure as you place your composition under UV light, watching as the vibrant cyan hue develops before your eyes.
6. Develop and Rinse: Learn the proper techniques for developing and rinsing your cyanotype print to achieve the desired contrast and clarity.

This will be an in depth workshop lead by creatively and exploration. Participants will learn how to do this process with live botanical specimens as well as combine it with digital photographic negatives. Participants are encouraged to bring any dried, pressed, or fresh botanicals and digital imagery or photographic negatives they would like to incorporate into their works. No prior knowledge of cyanotype required.

UPDATED CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations made 14 days or more in advance of the workshop will receive a refund equal to 50% of the cost of the class. Cancellations made within 14 days of the event will not receive a refund. This will help ensure that the instructor will be paid for their time and effort of teaching the workshop.


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